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Oprah Winfrey Influence on American History - Free Essay Example

Heroes are often described as a person who is admired by their courage, achievements, and noble acts. There are various people today who are still looked up to as a hero. People who are recognized as a hero have made some impact on the world to be seen as a hero. A person like Oprah Winfrey made an impact, so she would be labeled as a hero today. Oprah Winfrey is an American hero who helped stand up for her beliefs and for injustice against child molestation. Without Oprah, America and the world would not see how much of an impact someones voice can make and how powerful one individual can be. On January 29, 1954, in Kosciusko, Mississippi a hero was born. Oprahs childhood was challenging, but she still fought through those early battles in life. In Oprahs early life, her parents were poor teenagers, who worked as a housekeeper and a barber (Rowley 2). In her youth, Oprah was repeatedly molested by other visitors who came while her mother was out at her job, and gave birth to a son who later died at a very young age (Goodman 1). Besides the troubled times Oprah faced in her adolescence, she loved education. Oprah was taught to read by her grandmother at a young age, and had a great interest in reading. Reading was one of the most positive things from her childhood. Oprah went to Tennessee State University and studied communications. She first wanted to be famous and break her silence after she did not receive her undergraduate degree in school, and later became the first black female news anchor is what started the spark in her (Rowley 2). It takes hard work to become a hero, so Oprah had to face various acts to accomplish her battle of being a victim to victory. Oprah first started getting recognized by being a co-host for her first show, People Are Talking, and served as an anchor while being a news reporter. She got noticed and was asked to host a Chicago talk show for half an hour, and less than a year later, Oprah turned AM Chicago into a hit show. Oprah later extended the show to an hour and renamed the show, The Oprah Winfrey Show (Dillion 2-3). While she was on the show, Oprah would share her beliefs and her past, tell about how she broke her silence, and how that made such an impact on her life today. Oprah would also feature in movies that would influence her life as a hero today. Some of the movies that Oprah was featured in was, The Color Purple, Native Son, and Selma. The movie, The Color Purple, that Oprah played a major role in, impacted her majorly. Oprah said while playing this part in that movie, tha t she felt compassion for the person that she played (Dillion 2). She had to face other struggles, for example how she did not make it in her education, so she had to fight harder than most people (Rowley 2). Oprah has also started many charities and organizations that helped influenced her to break her silence and her education struggles such as, The Oprah Winfrey Foundation and Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. She advocates and helps out with womens rights and education rights (Dillion 2). Becoming a hero does not just happen overnight. Like Oprah, it took time and effort to become the hero she is for todays society. Oprah Winfrey is still alive and well today. Today, she is still in book clubs, working foundations, and still giving scholarships. She is still seen and viewed as a hero today, and is featured in many advertisements, commercials, and television shows today (Cash 1). Oprah has also received various awards for her heroic acts. For example, Oprah has won medals and awards like the, Presidential Medal of Freedom, International Emmy Founders Award, and TCA Lifetime Achievement Award (Cash 1). She is still looked upon today also because of the organizations she helps out with today. She is still helping education organizations for young girls (Dillion 2). The legacy Oprah has left for the world today is by her strong voice and what she has fought for is how she is viewed on today. Her impact on people has helped out in various ways, and she is still being active in her heroic acts today. Heroes today, are viewed as influential and inspirational to society. There are numerous people still looked upon as heroes today. A hero looked upon todays world is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah Winfrey has made a vast impact on people, America, and the world today. An American hero, like Oprah, has stood up for various rights and justices from her beliefs. When Oprah was in her youth, she was molested, and has broke her silence over the years. Heroes do not just appear, they all have a start. Oprah, in her earlier life had obstacles that she had to go through in her journey. Oprah began her early works in hosting in shows, being featured on talk shows, and was viewed on news cast as well. The recognition she received from being on television helped her be acknowledged. She then spoke about her past and confessed what had happened to her. Oprah stood out to numerous people for speaking out against what she had struggled with. Many people today look up to Oprah Winfrey because of her strength and courage to fight the battle that she had been facing. She has many heroic traits like her noble act to stand up to her battle and her strength to say what her big obstacle was in her life that was weighing her down. The world without Oprah would not be complete, because one would not understand how much of an impact she applies to todays society. Her heroism has touched many lives by her courage and the voice she has.

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Mainstrem Christianity and Jesus Christ - 1112 Words

â€Å"There is only one Christ, Jesus, one faith. All else is a dispute over trifles.† (Elizabeth I) Excellent use of quotation. ‘Mainstream Christianity teaches us that God exists in three forms, or persons: the Father, who created the world, the Son, Jesus who redeemed humankind and the Holy Spirit’. (John Wolffe 2014 p.75). When we look at Christianity this is the central core of belief; the Christian belief revolves around Jesus of Nazareth and the Christ who are both fully divine figures. To be a Christian is to believe in one God and recognize Jesus as the Son of God, ‘Jesus, the sinless Son of God, is the essential means of reconciliation between God and humankind’ (John Wolffe, 2014 p. 74). In the 16th century, there was a big change in the way some Christians worshipped God. Questions were raised in regards to the different interpretation of the Christian Faith leading to a split in the western Christian world during the reformation. The new Christians called themselves ‘Protestants’ because they were protesting against the Roman Catholic Church, its teachings and its customs. Up to the 16th century the Christian ideology ‘emphasized in the importance of tradition, and the authority of the church as the interpreter of Christian teaching’ (John Wolffe, 2014 p75). During that time particular rituals and celebrations were recognized as vital for personal salvation, saints were venerated to be intercessors with God. Christians then believed in different practices, they

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Bullying Have Schools Really Found A Solution Essay

Bullying remains a progressively notorious topic due to the unbiased choice of victims and death-related incidents. In particular, schools have become a predominantly natural location for bullies to prey on victims, but schools have finally started to respond to this epidemic issue. Schools have initiated anti-bullying programs to, if not stop bullying as a whole, at least, reduce bullying to a minimum; however, even with anti-bullying programs in effect, the bullying dilemma still continues, which suggest that school programs remain ineffective. Anti- bullying programs implemented by schools may help some students feel less victimized, but they fail to show any significant improvements due to the increasing number of bullying related†¦show more content†¦Although the statistics proposed by the Dallas Morning News may appear promising, in all reality, school bully programs have transitioned the central site of bullying onto a more public landscape, while creating a false se nse of improvement with current anti-bullying program’s statistics. To accompany cyber bullying, bullying-fueled suicides that constantly air on the news make school bullying programs appear non-existent. Buffalo News article, â€Å"Schools Have Work To Do,† also reveals the damages that school bullying causes to students. The article reads, â€Å"The 14-year-old killed himself last September after relentless bullying over his sexual orientation†(â€Å"Schools†A6). The statement shows the hazardous consequence of bullying while also revealing that school programs lack influence enough to impede bullying. The article, â€Å"No Pain, No Bruises, No Cries Of Pain,† by high school teacher Andrew Brennan, notes harsh consequences of teen bullying. In the article, Brennan says, â€Å"But as a high school teacher, there’s one thing I know: Our kids are killing themselves†(A13). Brennan’s statement gives the urgent message that bullying has become increasingly worse, and increasingly hostile. Both articles rei terate that the delicate subject of teen suicides remains prominent and persistent, in part, because school programs do not focus on areas of bullying outside the classroom. School programs failing to remedy the emerging problem of some faculty members becoming school bullies,Show MoreRelatedThe Three Main Types of Bullying890 Words   |  4 PagesBullying is defined as any unwanted aggressive behavior among students. Over the past couple of decades bullying has been on the rise amongst middle school and high school students and still remains a prevalent issue. Unfortunately it is very hard to try to pinpoint and even accuse bullies because of the various types. The three main types of bulling are: overt bullying, indirect/relational bullying and cyber bullying (Bauman 2008). In this paper I plan on addressing all three types of bullying andRead MoreCyberbullying Is A Problem That Affects More Than One Third Of Adolescents1692 Words   |  7 Pagesupdate which allows that creation of polls that users can vote in, countless accounts have been created to poke fun at someone s personality or looks, this is what is called cyberbullying, and it happens each and everyday. Cyberbullying is a problem that affects more than one-fourth of adolescents in middle school and high school. With the growth of technology it has become more imperative to implement programs in schools to help solve this problem. Today, teenagers rely more on the internet, and otherRead MoreCyberbullying Is A Common Than Traditional Bullying Essay1374 Words   |  6 PagesWhat is Bullying? â€Å"Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance† ( Bullying can include making threats to someone to scare them, spreading false rumors about someone, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose. The bullies, the ones who are bullied, and the bystanders are all victims, specifically teenagers. Females are more vulnerable to bullies because they areRead MoreBullying . In Life There Is No Perfect Picture For A Non-Violent1379 Words   |  6 Pages Bullying In life there is no perfect picture for a non-violent world, but then we turn to school, work forces and sadly enough, we as a community reach the point of having to find ways to prevent bullying. Bullying as we see is as a whole can create a foundation that certain people don’t want to particularly be involved with, such as school environments, workforces or even a neighborhood. This is a worldwide incident that is going on and people are getting hurt emotionally, physically and evenRead MoreTeen Suicide and Bullying1250 Words   |  5 PagesBullying is a worldwide problem that can be linked to teen suicide. The third leading cause of death in youth is suicide, which results in nearly 4,400 deaths per year (Centers for Disease Control, 2012). At least half of these deaths are caused by bullying. Although bullying is still seen by many to be a normal part of growing up, it is a severe problem that leads to many negative effects, including suicide. Unfortunately, there is not a definitive solution to this problem. However, there are multipleRead MoreBullying in Todays Society Essay1252 Words   |  6 PagesBullying In Today#8217;s World. Approximately 12, 8-10 year old children commit suicide every year because they are victims of bullying. Whereas 1.3 million children a year bully others. What is bullying? As defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, one who hurts or intimidates others. This assault may occur in two principle forms, verbal or physical. There are specific reasons why bullying happens and specific solutions that could help save as many as 12 lives a year. BullyingRead MoreBullying and Its Effects on Our Society936 Words   |  4 Pagesdemonstrate the bullying and its effects on our society, also its will propose some solutions to curb this social evil. Before we can discuss why people bully, need to have a clear understanding of what bullying is . It is the use of force to exploit the resources of others in order to achieve a particular interest; which stems from the need to force the owner of the resources and the talents and abilities of others to employ them in a manner expediency. Regardless of the meaning of bullying, it certainlyRead MoreCyberbullying : What Teachers And Schools Can Do From The Scholastic Inc.1140 Words   |  5 PagesAccording to Caralee Adams a school official states in her article Cyberbullying: What teachers and schools can do from the Scholastic Inc. in 2014, â€Å"42% of kids have been bullied online—1 in 4 have had it happen more than once†. Central Idea: Cyberbullying must be stopped, cyberbullies are using sites like Facebook and text messaging to bully their victims. According to cyberbullying statistics in their article Bullying Statistics in 2013 states around half of all teens have been victims to cyberbullyingRead MoreBullying : Bullying And Bullying1394 Words   |  6 Pagesis however difficult to define bullying as there are different types of bullying. Bullying can be verbal, non-verbal, violent and non-violent. The reactions to bullying are also varied. While some do not mind bullying, some get severely affected by it. There are also others who grow stronger under constant bullying. Bullying can also occur at all ages and different environments. Kids, teenagers, and adults get bullied at school, in the Internet and at work. Bullying can also be quite subtle whereRead MoreBullied to Death in School Essay625 Words   |  3 Pagesare the reasons children are being bullied -- sometimes to death -- in Americas schools, with at least 14 students committing suicide in the past year alone. --- Bullied to Death in Americas Schools - ABC News - Oct 15, 2010   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Approximately twelve, 8-10 year old children commit suicide every year because they are victims of bullying. Whereas 1.3 million children a year bully others. What is bullying? As defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a bully is one who hurts or intimidates

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The Future Of Human Services Essay Sample free essay sample

Research in human services and related Fieldss has the authorities looking to alter the focal point on the results instead on the procedures and construction of the research. This means that societal workers must be prepared to seek new thoughts and measure them to better service bringing. Working on the forepart lines will concentrate on the immediate demands of their clients and sometimes their experience and cognition will acquire lost as they move from instance to instance. In one article by Rosen. Proctor A ; Staudt ( 1999 ) they believe that societal workers need to look at the purposes in research non as an account but as a tool to utilize as a map of control cognition and the demand for research to utilize it in this map. Social work research has been focused late on public assistance reform. Results of this legislative assembly have prompted major alterations in how Americans attend to the demands of the hapless in each community. We will write a custom essay sample on The Future Of Human Services Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The effects of public assistance reform are many and it involves many different systems. It’s outcomes needs rating over clip. In the article by Dennis Long ( 2000 ) he believes that societal workers need to dispute current ideas and the usage of societal workers expertise is needed for the research and the analysis of the information gained from research and to measure both accomplishments and bad lucks to clients as a direct consequence of public assistance reform. The most of import challenges of the societal worker in the 21stcentury are their ability to understand and measure research in human services. Educating the future workers to go more of participants in measuring. researching and using the cognition learned will greatly better results of human service plans. Too frequently I see societal workers as paper thrusters and non of their ain pick but because of acerb guidelines that will non let expertness or research cognition to be applied. Educating these workers to use cognition obtained through their instruction and personal experience will do plans in this field. I believe. more effectual. Mention: Howes. M. ( 2005. Aug. ) â€Å"Introducing a research undertaking into societal work practice† .Social Work Education 24 ( 5 ) .585-592. Krueger. R. A ; Casey. M. ( 2000 )Focus Groups: A Practical Guide for Applied Research.London: Sage Publications. Long. D. D. ( 2000. Dec. ) â€Å"Welfare reform: A societal work position for measuring success† .Journal of Sociology A ; Social Welfare 27 ( 4 ) .61. Rosen. A. . Proctor. E. K. A ; Staudt. M. M. ( 1999. March ) â€Å"Social work research and the quest for effectual practice† .Social Work Research 23 ( 1 ) .4-14. Gross saless. E. . Lichtenwalter. S. A ; Fevola. A. ( 2006. Fall ) â€Å"Secondary analysis in societal work research instruction: Past. nowadays and future promise† .Journal of Social Work Education 42 ( 3 ) .543-558.

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The Lincoln-Douglas Debates free essay sample

He believed in minority rights, meaning that he though that the minority group in the U. S. Should have the same or similar rights as the majority. He became the sixteenth president of The United States of America. President Abraham Lincoln is well known for issuing the Emancipation Proclamation that declared slaves free forever, on January 1, 1863. Abraham Lincoln won re-election in 1864 after gaining the support of northern democrats. On April 14, 1 865, the sixteenth president of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated at Fords Theatre inWashington by John Wilkes Booth. Senator Stephen A. Douglas was born in Brandon, Vermont. Unlike Abraham Lincoln, he did not have to work as hard to get an education. In 1833, he began to study law under a local lawyer, but quit and moved to Jacksonville, Illinois 6 months later. In 1834 he was admitted to the Illinois Bar. Douglas was a leader in the Illinois Democratic Party. We will write a custom essay sample on The Lincoln-Douglas Debates or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Shortly before he turned 22 he was elected to be the states attorney. In 1836 Douglas he was elected to the House of Representatives, and in 1840 he became the Illinois Secretary of State. In 1846 he served three consecutive terms in the U. S. Senate. In 1858 Senator Douglas once again, ran for U. S. Senate. This time his challenger was Abraham Lincoln a republican from Illinois. Lincoln and Douglas held a series of 7 debates in the seven congressional districts of Illinois. These debates were known as The Lincoln-Douglas Debates. He won the election for senate. Stephen A. Douglas died in June 1861 in Illinois after being severely weakened by a life of overwork and excessive drinking. The Lincoln-Douglas Debates took place in the seven different congressional strict of Illinois.The first debate took place in Ottawa, Illinois on August 21, 1858. This district would be the district that Chicago would be located in. The second Debate took place in Freeport, Illinois on August 27, 1858. Freeport was the northernmost congressional district in Illinois. The third debate took place in Joneses, Illinois on September 15, 1858. Joneses was the southernmost congressional district in Illinois. The fourth debate took place in Charleston, Illinois on September 18, 1858. The fifth debate took place in Eagleburger, Illinois on October 7, 1858. The sixth debate took place in Quince, Illinois on October 13, 1858. The seventh and final debate in the Lincoln- Douglas debate series took place in Alton, Illinois on October 15, 1858. During the Lincoln-Douglas debates many issues were discussed. The main issue of the Debates was slavery. They also discussed the issue of majority rule and minority right. Senator Douglas believed in majority rule, while Lincoln was supportive of minority rights. Because Senator Douglas was well known the Lincoln-Douglas Debates received national coverage.

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Gattaca - true hero essays

Gattaca - true hero essays WHO IS THE REAL HERO IN THIS FILM?..... A Hero is defined as a person who displays courage or noble qualities, or the main/principal character in a story, film or poem. This definition sums up Vincent/Jerome perfectly. Not only is he the character whom the movie is based on but too someone who shows courage, strength and persistence in achieving his dream. Vincent refused to play the hand he was dealt and with little hesitation went to all extremes to transform himself into a more superior member of society, a valid, Jerome Morrow. In doing so, a height adjustment was required and after going through the torturing procedure, the genetically made Jerome never questioned Vincents commitment and determination in pursuing his dream. When Vincent/Jeromes position as a navigator on the launch for Titan was confirmed, Vincent/Jerome and Eugene celebrated as all their hard work has paid off. As Eugene was getting put to bed, he slurred Im proud of you Vincent being the first time he publicly acknowledged all Vincent/Jerome had achieved. It is evident throughout the film that Eugene admires Vincent/Jeromes strength of mind in striving for his goal despite his genetic make-up and burden of imperfection. Vincent/Jerome proved many people wrong by out doing his potential as he wasnt satisfied with the fact he couldnt live like a valid. He had the willpower that Eugene lacked but didnt have the blood type that would allow his dream to come true, so they thought. Vincent/Jeromes parents believed they would out-live their unhealthy, godchild and the Janitor too believed that it was impossible for a natural birth such as Vincent/Jerome to be a part of Gattaca. It was Vincent/Jeromes courage and attitude towards life that defied the odds and made him succeed. He admitted he ...

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Topic summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Topic summary - Essay Example The guidance on entrepreneurship is not too easy to find. While there would be loads of material on the subject, it is important to remember that companies do not share the same developmental path as small entrepreneurs do. Most entrepreneurs thus learn by doing work. Sometimes this learning may come the hard way (Bhide). The entrepreneur’s mindset differs from the administrative culture of big organizations on account of strategic orientation, commitment of resources, control of resources and management structure (Bhide). One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is raising funds. It takes some doing to convince the venture capitalists to fund the startup. Venture capitalists are experienced and have the prudence to separate the wheat from the chaff. Claims like ‘key employees will join us as soon as we get funded’ or ‘we are about to sign a deal with Amazon shortly’ do not cut ice with the venture capitalists. Entrepreneurs are happy with the ‘Chinese soda syndrome’ which suggests that even if one percent of the people of China, the most populous nation in the world, drink soda, the market would be huge. The investors however want to put money in a venture that has the potency to attain a top dog position (Kawasaki). For many entrepreneurs, person al savings become the most significant source of funding their startup (Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation). A simple framework to successfully tackle big issues is to define goals, adopt the right strategy and then execute it to perfection. Entrepreneurs should set realistic goals keeping in mind the resources they have and the risk they are willing to take (Bhide). Big companies prefer to stay with what is familiar. They tend to avoid unchartered territories (Stevenson and Gumpert). This is where the opportunity lies for entrepreneurs. The mantra of success in entrepreneurship is tapping a niche market. Entrepreneurs should adopt the by-pass strategy in case they intend to compete with